The "Allan Hancock College Police Department" provides law enforcement and public safety services to the California Public Community College District located in northern Santa Barbara County. The Allan Hancock College Police Department serves an approximate population of 11,500 students and staff members. Allan Hancock College has a total of 4 locations of education. The main campus is located in Santa Maria, California and other locations include Lompoc, Santa Ynez, or at the Vandenberg Air Force Base.
Our department has joined the Pink Patch Project in the year of 2020. As our first year, we are hoping to contribute to this noble cause and raise awareness in any way we can. Having SURVIVORS in our department and families, we want to show our support and make a difference by raising knowledge in breast cancer awareness.


Type Of Agency
Phone Number
(805) 922-6966 Ext. 3652
800 S. College Dr., Building S2
Zip Code
Where Can Your Patch Be Purchased?

Our Pink Patches can be purchased in person at the Santa Maria campus or by emailing Officer Carranza at: .

We also have an Allan Hancock College Venmo account by searching "Allan HancockPD". If utilizing Venmo please contact Officer Carranza to notify him you are purchasing a patch and to provide mailing address.

Each patch can be purchased for $10.00.

Santa Maria
Point Of Contact
Officer J. Carranza