The Saint Paul Fire Department is the Fire and EMS service for the capital city of Minnesota. The Department began in 1873 and serves a current population of over 300,000 residents. We have 447 sworn personnel and operate out of 15 stations. We respond to over 47,000 calls for service each year, have active public education and prevention programs, and partner with departments across the state in our all-hazards response. 
In the past few years we have developed a Cancer Task Force to work on prevention and early detection of firefighter cancer. We have several members who have battled cancer while on the job or in retirement. Additionally, like most of the public, we have loved ones who have been affected by cancer. We are committed to raising awareness, funds, and taking action to prevent all cancers.
2020 will be our first year as a member of the Pink Patch Project, and the funds we raise will go to the American Cancer Society. We have multiple law enforcement agencies in Minnesota that are already members of Pink Patch, but we will be the first Minnesota Fire Department in the project and hope others will join as well!


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We are creating a patch, a hat, a T-shirt for our members to wear on duty during October, and two T-shirts to sell to the public. 

More information and a link for the online store to purchase these items from can be shared when it is live (end of August/beginning of September).

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Deputy Chief of Operations, Steven Sampson
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