The Office of Marine Patrol provides marine enforcement of federal and state laws and the ordinances of the Commission on Marine Resources for the protection, preservation and conservation of Mississippi’s seafood, aquatic life and associated coastal wetlands habitats. Marine Patrol also carries out the enforcement of state and federal laws pertaining to boating safety and provides emergency assistance concerning the state’s marine environment. This is the first year participating in the Pink Patch Project; however, officers with the Marine Patrol have participated in Real Men Wear Pink for the prior two years and have raised over $9,000.00 to fight cancer.


Type Of Agency
State Law Enforcement
Phone Number
1141 Bayview Avenue
Zip Code
Where Can Your Patch Be Purchased?

Patches can be purchased by contacting Shay Smith or Patrick Carron via telephone or email. Patches are limited for our 2019 Campaign.  A minimum of a $13.00 donation is required to purchase. All proceeds will be donated for Breast Cancer awareness, education, and research.

Point Of Contact
Shay Smith ( or Patrick Carron (