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The Albemarle Police Department has been participating in the No-Shave November for the past several years. This year, we decided to die our patches pink and allow officers to wear them for September (Ped Cancer), October (Breast Cancer), and November (No-Shave). Officers donated $35.00 to our police organization, and in December, we will take all the money collected and send to Hospice of Stanly County. Hospice will have a big article in the paper and a huge check for the amount we donate. Being the first year, we did not sell any of our patches to help raise money, but we can look into this for next year. What we have done so far, is this enough to get us in the Pink Patch Project nationwide?
In 2020, we decided to die our patches pink and have our officers give a donation to a local organization that deals with cancer patients.
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