Concordia University Texas Police Department

The Concordia University Texas Police Department (CTX PD) is professionally staffed by full and part-time police officers, commissioned security officers, and student personnel. As both a community policing and customer service oriented agency, we align ourselves with Romans 15:2 - "Each of us should please our neighbors for their good, to build them up." It is in this spirit of service, cooperation and charity that we tirelessly strive to provide a safe and secure campus. CTX PD is committed to serving our community by detecting, deterring and preventing criminal activity.
We are new to the Pink Patch Project, and our hope is to bring additional awareness to this worthy cause. 
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Hickory Creek Police Department

The Hickory Creek Police Department is located 30 miles north of Dallas, Texas. The department provides law enforcement services for a population of approximately 4,600 residents covering 4.9 square miles.
This is the departments first year participating in the Pink Patch Project.
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