Des Moines is a small waterfront community located midway between Seattle and Tacoma in Washington State. Our community was homesteaded by a group from Des Moines, Iowa and we share the same name.
Des Moines has numerous beaches and public parks on the shores of Puget Sound. We offer housing opportunities for every income level and the city is continually seeking new business and development opportunities. The city's marina is right next door to our small-town shopping district. Our fishing piers, beach park and boardwalk are premier places to stroll as the sun sets behind the majestic Olympic Mountains. The residential population of Des Moines is 30,000, home to Highline College, and industrial center and several retirement homes with views of Puget Sound.
The Des Moines Police Department or "DMPD" is very proud to start our first year in the Pink Patch Project! Our department consists of a staff of 48 Commissioned Officers and non commissioned team members. Our police programs include: K-9, Drones, SRO, Animal Control, Code Enforcement Street Crimes and SWAT members. Our team is committed to relentlessly fighting crime with trust and care.
Our first year patch proceeds will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation


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21900 11th Ave S
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Our Movember and Pink Patch Project means so much to DMPD this year. One of our own family is fighting Stage 3 breast Cancer. Amy Thomas, Chief Thomas’ wife is fighting a battle we want to fight with her every step of the way. 
That is why all of our October and Movember patch purchases will go to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance in the name of Amy Thomas! Amy is receiving the best treatment at this facility and we want to make sure every woman and man gets that same treatment.

Breast cancer affects both men and women

At the Pink Patch Project, they have the simple goal of increasing awareness about the life-saving benefits of early detection and early intervention in the fight against breast cancer. In addition to our public education efforts, we have the added goal of raising funds from the sale of Pink Patch Project patches and other items to go directly to fund the research, treatment and education needed to help find a cure.
The program centers on vibrant pink versions of the public safety employee's uniform patch. These bright pink patches have been specially designed by each participating agency specifically for their Pink Patch Project participation. Public safety employees at each of the participating agencies wear their pink patches on their regular duty uniforms each year for the entire month of October during “Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” 
The pink patches are intended to stimulate conversation with the community and to encourage public awareness about the importance of early detection and the on-going fight against this disease
Here’s how it works!

Buy a Patch and Wear it proudly knowing that your donation is making a difference! 

For $25.00 you will receive our 2nd year pink patch and our 2nd year Movember patch for men’s cancer awareness. 

All officers can wear the pink patch for the month of October! 

To order, drop a check off in Chad’s mailbox made out to the Des Moines Police Guild or include exact change and let him know how many patches you would like. (our first year we SOLD OUT) Don’t miss out, first come first serve!

To encourage and support Amy, tell her your story, share words of encouragement and tell her you are wearing the DMPD Pink Patch as a Tribute to her Courage and Strength! 
I know it will mean the world to her!

Thank you so much for your support of our DMPD Family!






Request our first year patch by mailing your request and $11.00 to: 

Des Moines Police Guild

c/o Kathy Berrens

21900 11th Ave South

Des Moines, WA 98198


Our quantities are limited and are on a first come first serve basis. Every effort will be made to fill your order.

Thank you.

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