Kent County Sheriffs Office

The Kent County Sheriff's Department provides general law enforcement and corrections operations to the community.
The Sheriff's law enforcement responsibility is both criminal and civil enforcement, which includes the detection of activity as well as the investigation of reported incidents. This is accomplished with the enforcement division. In addition, the Sheriff maintains a communication center to facilitate emergency call answering for the county. This, along with maintaining minimum training standards, is accomplished within the communications and technology division. Finally, the jail is maintained by the Sheriff and provision must be made for a secure and constitutionally correct facility. This is managed by the corrections division, which also includes a court security unit.
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Michigan State Police

The Michigan State Police is a full-service, state wide law enforcement agency with its sworn members having full police powers. The department was founded in 1917 as a wartime constabulary and eventually evolved into the modern agency that it is today. The department's members are called "Troopers". The Michigan State Police headquarters is in Dimondale, Michigan. The department provides law enforcement services for a population of approximately 10 million people covering near 100,000 square miles.
2020 is the first year the Michigan State Police has joined the Pink Patch Project. The Michigan State Police would like to extend a thank you to the members of the El Segundo Police Department for including MSP into this project.
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